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Selwyn Accommodation

Welcome to Talbingo Lodge! A 48-minute drive to Selwyn Snow Resort! We are one of the closest places to stay for Selwyn Accommodation when you are visiting the Selwyn Snow resort.

Not only that we are an affordable, cozy, and inviting accommodation perfect for groups or solo travellers. The Lodge has 8 rooms,  6 rooms with double beds, 1 bunk room (6), 1 family room (8) with a double bed, two single bunks, and an ensuite. The Lodge has a communal kitchen, lounge area, and shared bathrooms. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, we’ve got you covered – you can book a single room or the entire lodge for 18-20 people on request.

At  Talbingo Lodge, Selwyn Accommodation, we take great pride in maintaining a spotless and welcoming environment for our guests. Our friendly and attentive caretakers are dedicated to ensuring that every nook and cranny is cleaned and tidied to the standard our wives like. And don’t worry about shared bathrooms – we’re committed to changing the negative reputation they often have by keeping them sparkling clean and fresh.

Come stay with us at Talbingo Lodge, Selwyn Accommodation and experience the warm hospitality and enjoy all the benefits of being near the Selwyn Ski Resort.

Selwyn ski resort accommodation

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About Selwyn Snow Resort and Accommodation

Nestled in the stunning Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Selwyn Snow Resort captivates winter enthusiasts and nature lovers with its picturesque setting. Offering fun snow activities for all skill levels, this enchanting destination promises an unforgettable experience. While the resort itself does not provide on-site accommodation,  the charming Talbingo Lodge is conveniently located a 48 minute drive away and offers cozy and welcoming choice for those seeking  Selwyn accommodation near the  selwyn snow resort. With its close proximity and comfortable amenities, Talbingo Lodge serves as one of the closest options for visitors to Selwyn Snow Resort, ensuring a delightful stay amidst the breathtaking alpine scenery. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Snowy Mountains and relish in the warmth and comfort of Talbingo Lodge, a perfect retreat after a day of adventure on the slopes.

What is the closest town to Selwyn?

One of the closest towns to Selwyn Snow Resort is Talbingo. Located in New South Wales, Australia, Talbingo is a charming town that serves as a gateway to the Snowy Mountains. It offers a range of amenities and services, making it a convenient base for visitors to the resort. From Talbingo, it’s just a short 48minute drive to Selwyn Snow Resort, allowing easy access to the  winter activities and breathtaking alpine scenery that the resort has to offer. Whether you’re seeking accommodation, supplies, or a place to dine, Talbingo is the closest town where you can find all your needs before embarking on your mountain adventure at Selwyn Snow Resort.

Group Accommodation For Selwyn Resort

If you’re planning a group trip to Selwyn Snow Resort, Talbingo Lodge presents an excellent choice for group accommodation. With its spacious and comfortable facilities, Talbingo Lodge offers the perfect setting for friends or families to stay together and enjoy their mountain adventure. Located close to Selwyn Snow Resort, it provides convenience and easy access to the slopes, or for those who don’t want to hit the snow there are plenty of other sites to see. ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for your entire group. Whether you’re seeking cosy rooms, communal spaces, or the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen, Talbingo Lodge has you covered, making it an ideal option for group stays near Selwyn Snow Resort.

Selwyn snow Hire

We recommend rolling into Talbingo the night before you plan on hitting the snow. The team at Go Play Outside are located next to our premises and are open 7- 6pm (best check their website for hours as our town is seasonal). They have everything you need for snowboarding, skiing, taboganing and snow chains. This makes it super easy to get fitted for gear and avoid the queues at Selwyn snow resort the next morning. The next day all you need to do is hit the road and use Selwyn’s easy to use kiosks to purchase or print your tickets.

Is Mount Selwyn open 2023?

Mount Selwyn is open for 2023! After a long-awaited three-year hiatus, Skiing, Boarding, and Tobogganing are back at Selwyn Snow Resort! 

Selwyn accommodation

Do you need snow chains for Selwyn?

We advise all drivers of 2WD vehicles to ensure they carry properly fitting chains throughout the months of June to September on the Snowy Mountains Highway. These essential items can be easily rented at most service stations along your route to the breathtaking Selwyn Snowfields.  We recommend the team at Go Play Outside. They are next door which makes it really easy to return them and hire them only as you need.

Selwyn Accommodation

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Bring Your Own or eat out at the local cafes.

After Hours?

Contact us to enquire about our after hours access.


There is plenty of parking onsite. AND we have onsite EV charging available for our guests.


YES! We have high speed Starlink Internet installed for your convenience.

Do I Pack Towels?

Towels are provided.

Air Con?

Each room has it's own air conditioning and heating unit.

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